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Imaging and Tracking.


One of the main objectives within MAESTRO project is the development of imaging software tools to improve the radiotherapy treatment planning and devices.

This includes image processing algorithms for automatic patient positioning and monitoring the internal organ motion and region of interest (ROI) during IMRT treatment. To this end methods based on image segmentation, active contour models for ROI tracking and modelling together with filtering techniques for movement prediction, registration and 3D reconstruction techniques are being considered.


Organ Motion Prediction

The tracking system is formed for two subsystems: a segmentation system and an estimation one.

In order to reach “Real Time” applications the segmentation system must be a high speed segmentation algorithm. Thus, the estimation system is based on Kalman filter with four and/or six states.

The results in off line applications are quite promising in terms of computational time and accuracy.
Video 1. 8 photogram prediction superimposed onto the original image sequence Video duration 10,47 s – Computing time 5.99 s

Video 2. 6 photogram prediction superimposed onto the original image sequence Video duration 8.80 s – Computing time 5.94 s


Segmentation and Tracking

The segmentation and tracking are based on modelling techniques founded on active contours models. The method has a good performance on 3D CT set of the thoracic and pelvic area.


3D Reconstruction

3D reconstruction and rendering have been achieved with the ROI segmented for the pelvic and thoracic area. That is, the rectum, bladder, lung and spinal cord.

Pelvic Area
Thoracic area
Spinal cord


The group UCLM-ISA (http://gvc.ind-cr.uclm.es/) is thankful to GRUPO IMO for their help and support.