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BEV Beam's Eye View 

Chemotherapy corresponds to chemical treatment intended to destroy cancer cells.

Devices intended to measure the dose at the point of interest

DPO Dose Plan Optimization 

DVH Dose Volume Histogram 

IMRT Intensity Modulation Radiotherapy 

MLC Multi-Leaf Collimator 

MLM Multi-Leaf Modulation 

NTCP Normal Tissue Complication Probability 

PMMA Polymethyl-metacrylate

RDH Radiation Data Handling 

OAR Organ at Risk (Organe risque)

STM Static Multi-leaf Collimator 

SMLC Sequential Multi-leaf Modulation 

Radiotherapy corresponds to radiation treatment intended to destroy cancer cells.

RDH Tumour Control Probability 

SMLC Treatment Managing System (HELAX-TMS)

SMLM Treatment Planning System

VOI Volume of Interest 



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