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Presentation of dosimeters developed inside the MAESTRO.

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Point dosimeters:
Two point dosimeters are under study in MAESTRO project:

- Diamond.
Diamond dosimeters can be active (electronic) such as ionization chambers or passive (solid state) such as Thermoluminescent dosimeters.

- OSL or Optically Stimulated Luminescence.
OSL dosimeter can be used also as a pseudo-active or a passive dosimeter.

2D imaging dosimeters:
Four 2D imaging dosimeters are under study. The first three are working as dose rate-meters, the last one is a passive device close to radiological film.
They respectively present different specificities.

- 2D silicon imager.
2D silicon developed by DFC/Florence is based on a new design of silicon substrate allowing better characteristics.

- GEM.
GEM or Gas Electron Multiplier is developed by TUD. The specificity of this dosimetric imager consists on a gas scintillator the efficiency of which can be increased by increasing the applied voltage. So it is very robust against ionizing radiation.

- 2D pixel chamber.
2D pixel chamber is developed by Scanditronix/Wellhofer from IBA group. The purpose of this multiple chamber is to allow for users a fast calibration of the radiation beam. Made of metal, insulators and gas, it would perfectly work under proton beams.

- 2D TL imager.
This imaging 2D dosimeter is composed of two main devices, the detector made of a thin layer of thermoluminescent material deposited on a polyethylene foil integrating the deposited dose and a reader able to
provide, pixel by pixel, an amount of light proportional to the density of deposited dose. This dosimetric foil can  be used in any situations, plane, cylinder or other.

3D dose imagers.
Two 3D imagers are developed in the MAESTRO frame work project. One is devoted to assurance quality of radiation beams delivered by the accelerator, the other is more devoted to pre-irradiation of patient phantom to qualify the protocol used for the treatment.

- 3D Fricke gel dosimeter.
The 3D gel dosimeter is developed by ISS (
Istituto Superiore di SanitÓ). The main studies concerns the production of the gel matrix including Fricke compound avoiding spatial diffusion. The read-out is performed by using a laser light scanner instead of IMR apparatus.

- 3D Scintillator.
The DosiMap developed simultaneously by ELDIM and IN2P3, and tested at Franšois Baclesse Cancer treatment centre(Caen) is a 2/3D dosimeter intended to perform high quality measurement in a very short time. Some difficulties due to the mixed lights fromf Cerenkov effect and scintillator luminescence were solved. Light is detected using a high characteristics camera and allow good results.

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