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The Institut Gustave Roussy (IGR), and the Commissariat ā l'Energie Atomique (CEA) have organized an one day workshop on :

Monte Carlo based treatment planning systems :
Toward a new paradigm in radiation therapy ?

held at the "Espace Maurice Tubiana", IGR on the 4th of April 2008. The official language was French but most of the presentations and discussions were in English.

The workshop was a success. More than 120 participants registered, a part of which was medical doctors. All the foreseen papers were presented.

To see the presentations (in English), please click on the author name in the workshop brochure issued in PDF format (see herebefore) or click on the IGR 2008-04-04 button in the Exhibitions index.

Notice that the presentation of Emiliano Spezzi, who could not come, has been adapted and presented by Nick Reynaert from Equal ESTRO, Belgium
. Notice also that the presentation of Llorenc Brualla can be only access by the Exhibitions index.

MAESTRO generals

At the beginning of the third millennium one European citizen out of three will have to deal with a cancer episode in the course of his/her life. Worldwide the estimated number of new cancer cases each year is expected to rise from 10 million in 2000 to 15 million by 2020. Cancer is currently the cause of 12% of all deaths worldwide.

Within the European union over 1,5 million new cancer cases are diagnosed every year and over 920000 people die of cancer with the two leading cause of cancers in Europe being the Breast and Prostate. Therefore combating cancer is a major societal and economical issue for Europe. To face these new challenges strong mobilization among the scientific community and industrial manufacturers is needed.

More than a half of all cancer patients are now treated by radiation therapy thanks to the technical progress made with irradiation equipment in the last years. For external radiation therapy (RT), high energy photon or electron beams are mainly produced by linear accelerators, for internal radiation therapy or "brachytherapy", radioactive sources are put in the tumour with undeniable advantages for the patient in given situations.

MAESTRO project, proposes innovative research to develop and validate in clinical conditions the advanced equipment and software needed in cancer treatment for new modalities in only high conformal external radiotherapy employing photons, electrons and protons beams.


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